Dont buy from those big city folks, buy em from a Hillbilly!!

Welcome to the Hillbilly Hatchery!!


Thanks for stopping by. The hillbilly hatchery is just a small backyard business that was set up to promote the raising of bantam chickens and other poultry.  We sell bantam hatching eggs, chicks, and started birds. We also sell Guineas, Turkeys, and Peafowl, IN SEASON.

we normally hatch weekly beginning in April and continue through June. If you want me to hatch you some chicks "SPECIAL ORDER" i'll do that too!!  Just need to contact me prior to and let me know what you want and when you want them. "SPECIAL" hatches require full payment before any eggs are collected and set. Thanks.

My Flocks and  facility is NPIP CERTIFIED. I hope you enjoy browsing through my site. I welcome any comments, good and bad.

We will be offering some jerky and jellies, and other good eats shortly!!

Check back soon!!

Again, thanks for stopping by.  Hoping you have a blessed day.

Jeff Barnett (head hillbilly)