Welcome to the HILLBILLY HATCHERY .  We raise over 25 varieties of bantam chickens. Our facility,  as well as our birds are NPIP certified # 71-0662 .  We just might have something you like!    
We are currently offering 20 varieties of BANTAM  chicken hatching eggs. (WE DO NOT SELL STANDARD SIZED BIRDS)
We ship out Tuesday and Saturdays.   Your eggs will be collected over a three day period. I will not send old eggs. Period.  They will not be washed. i wont send extremely dirty eggs. I will cool your eggs to 45 degrees and turn them two times per day until ship date. I pack your eggs in egg cartons and shredded paper. I purchase my own shipping boxes to save you money. USPS  Flat rate mail will cost you a minimum of $12.00 for a medium sized box. Some sellers will charge $14 to ship a dozen eggs.  I can ship that same quantity of eggs (even more)  anywhere in the continental U.S. for around  $7.50.  This saves you money to buy more eggs!!  :)   I will put labels on your box indicating " HATCHING EGGS" HANDLE WITH CARE" .  You will recieve tracking info with your order.   (Please understand, I cannot predict or guarantee your eggs will be available upon payment. I collect eggs daily and store them promptly. The production can slow or completely stop without notice. I am usually able to collect your eggs and have them to you within 7 days upon taking your order. Sometimes it takes the following ship date to get the order filled w/FRESH eggs. I will not save eggs for more than 3 days to fill an order. I would rather waste a few eggs and send you fresh ones, than to send you stale eggs unlikely to hatch. So if you are needing eggs by a certain date, please contact me prior to placing an order and I will see if I will be likely to fill it or not. )
We raise our chickens in sanitary conditions. Our birds drink fresh water daily supplied by automatic drink cups. no poop in the water! We feed high quality feeds on a daily basis. We suppliment feed with grains as treats.
  Our breeder  birds are wormed and treated for coccidiosis routinely.  If your looking to add some bantam chickens to your flock, or just need to introduce some new blood into your existing one, we would certainly like to help you out.  Remember, our motto is QUALITY, NOT QUANITY. We are not a chicken mill.  I  only have 10 or less hens per variety, so i am relatively small in numbers, but stive to be Huge in the quality of my  birds. 
Give me  an opportunity to earn your business. You'll come back! Thanks for visiting. GOD BLESS.
We will add more varieties to our store as soon as they become available. The laying here is still very slow, so I have closed my store until things pick up.  Hopefully that will be soon!  Thanks!
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