Hey folks, its CHICK SEASON!! we have some of the most beautiful birds obtainable. Just wander around if you like, i bet you can find something you like!! we start hatching in April. Our chicks are $3-$4 each, depending on the availability of the breed. I sell chicks as a single breed assortment, or you can pick and choose from the selections and purchase 6 at a time. you must purchase a minimum of 24 chicks though. Your chicks will ship for Free, Priority mail.... GUARANTEED LIVE DELIVERY OF CHICKS PURCHASED!!! PERIOD....i will always try to send extras just in case some of the little ones dont make the trip. I ship your chicks in the same boxes the big companies do. Matter of fact, they come from Murry McMurry hatchery...your chicks will hatch on Sunday, and will hit the road to your house on Monday for a Wednesday arrival. I will send grow gel with them to keep hydrated. NO CHARGE TO YOU, thats just how we do it at Hillbilly Hatchery.... Please visit .... Hope you find something you gotta have. God Bless.

CHICK US OUT!  we offer some of the hardest to find, hardest to breed bantams on the web!

we GIT-R-DONE 4u!